Interactive 3D model of Leimen

A recent example of an interactive 3D model which you can visualize at the link Leimen. Please start by clicking on the text "navigation” next to the house symbol. By using the arrow keys on the keyboard, you can move within the model in the front or back direction or walk towards the two sides. By clicking on "position", you will get four pre-defined locations. The animation requires a lot of computing power; please reduce the size of your viewport, if the image is jerking.

LoD2-building models of Bad Nauheim

In addition to sealing mapping, road and green area. We have developed a LoD2-building model for Bad Nauheim.



LoD2-building models of Düsseldorf city

In the first step, about 22000 building were taken in an area of 10 Stereoscopically, the caves of a roof which are its lower edges, are collected to generate the model of the building. The footprint has been drawn directly without editing of the automatic real estate map and the land was referred according to CityGML.To complete the modeling, an examination of the 3D topology on water resistance and output of building has been added.


Photo-realistic Visualisation of 3D City Models

Kuwait 2nd International GIS Conference and Exhibition, 20 to 22 Feb.2006

von Hermsmeyer, D.; Guretzki, M.; Rüffer, J. und Krüger, S.: